Biconomy SDK

Biconomy Contracts

In this section, you will find explanations and deep dives into the core contracts. Have a look around and learn more about the magic that happens under the hood!


All Biconomy Smart Accounts are proxies that delegate calls to a common implementation contract.
The address of the implementation that is used by the proxy is stored in a storage slot with a location that matches the proxy address.
The core contracts relate to Smart Account are:
1. BaseSmartAccount.sol The abstract contract that implements IAccount Interface 2. SmartAccountFactory.sol Contract responsible for deploying smart wallets using CREATE2 and CREATE. Has a method to compute the counterfactual address of the Smart Account before deploying
3. SmartAccount.sol Inherits from BaseSmartAccount.sol and implements all the required functionality.
Supports Account Abstraction (EIP-4337) flow and simple forward flow (Gnosis Safe style).
4. ModuleManager.sol
Gnosis Safe style module manager. Allows to activate and deactivate modules, as weel as handles the transactions send by modules.
5. DefaultCallbackHandler.sol
Manages hooks to react to receiving tokens