Biconomy SDK

Common Contracts

Smart contracts that extend Smart Account functionality

Module Manager

Module Manager allows to enable and disable modules.
What are modules? Modules add additional functionalities to the Smart Accounts. They are smart contracts that implement the Smart Account’s functionality while separating module logic from the core contract. Depending on the use case, modules could for instance allow the execution of transactions without requiring a signature confirmation.
Modules can allow for Multisig access control, alternative signing schemes, such as passkeys, Social recovery, etc.
Module Manager is also in charge of executing transactions coming from Modules on behalf of the Smart Account.


A contract that manages fallback calls made to the Smart Account
Fallback calls are handled by a handler contract that is stored at FALLBACK_HANDLER_STORAGE_SLOT.
Fallback calls are not delegated to the handler so they can not directly change Smart Account storage.