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Walkthrough of steps to deposit native tokens into the respective dapp's gas tank
Keeping the dApp gas tank at optimum level ensures that your transactions are relayed smoothly and you never run out of gas.
Following are the steps to fill your dApp's gas tank:
Fill up your dApp's gas tank
  • After logging in to the dashboard, connect your wallet by clicking on Connect Wallet (on the top right) which will ask you to select a wallet.
  • Once wallet is connected, click on View Dapp to open up your dApp.
  • Under the Gas Tank section you should be able to see the current balance and your dApp's Funding Key. In order to fill up your gas tank, click on the Deposit button
  • In the Deposit window enter the amount to deposit
  • Once you click on Deposit, you'll be prompted to sign the transaction in your wallet. Once you sign the transaction, its status will start showing on the Deposit window. Clicking on it will take you to the block explorer page for your transaction.
  • The final balance will be updated once the deposit transaction is confirmed.
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