Supported Networks
Blockchain Agnostic Architecture means more supported networks
Biconomy has built the whole infrastructure to be blockchain agnostic and we already have support for 10 blockchain networks (including test and main networks) as mentioned below:


1. Ethereum

    RPC : https://mainnet.infura.io/v3/<INFURA_KEY>
    Network_Id: 1

2. Matic Mainnet

3. xDai

4. Binance Smart Chain

5. Moonriver Mainnet

6. Edgeware Mainnet

    RPC: ​https://mainnet.edgewa.re/evm
    Network_Id: 2021


1. Ropsten

2. Rinkeby

    RPC : https://rinkeby.infura.io/v3/<INFURA_KEY>
    Network_Id: 4

3. Kovan

    RPC : https://kovan.infura.io/v3/<INFURA_KEY>
    Network_Id: 42

4. Goerli

    RPC : https://goerli.infura.io/v3/<INFURA_KEY>
    Network_Id: 5

5. xDai Testnet (POA Sokol)

6. Matic Testnet (Mumbai)

7. Binance Testnet

8. Moonbeam Alpha Testnet

Haven't found the Network you are looking for? Do not worry, Contact us for the network support.
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