Changes to be done on the dashboard to enable EIP-2771 gasless transactions.

Register smart contracts

Checkout this section if you don't know how to register a DApp on the dashboard.
After having your DApp registered, on the “Add Smart Contract” page, enter the contract name, address and ABI, then set the Meta Transaction Type to “Trusted Forwarder” and click “Add”.
add smart contract with meta transaction type
After this step you need to add your APIs as mentioned in the steps in Biconomy Dashboard
Before using this API and SDK make sure you have native meta transaction support in your smart contracts i.e., you have removed the dependency on the msg.sender property from your smart contracts.
    Inherit a simple contract BaseRelayRecipient.sol and set the trusted forwarder address.
    Use _msgSender() wherever you use msg.sender in your smart contract.
    Added method setTrustedForwarder(address _forwarder) to change trusted forwarder address in future.
Last modified 8mo ago
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