Hyphen can also be integrated using APIs too.
In some scenarios, where SDK integration is not possible due to any circumstances, Hyphen APIs can be used directly to integrate the same on any Platform.
These are the same APIs that are being used in the SDK internally.

Supported Token & Chain List



Get Min & Max transfer amount allowed in Hyphen for the Token. Also, you get the Available liquidity on the destination chain.

Transfer Fee

Get transfer fee components for given deposit amount, token, source and destination chain. Fee component includes dynamic LP fee, gas fee for destination chain transaction, reward amount for filling up deficit pool on source chain. All these components constitutes netTransferFee and amountToGet on destination chain.
Get Transfer Fee for given token and amount

System- status

Check if the cross-transfer requirement can be fulfilled or not, before initiating the deposit.

Time to initiate the cross-chain transfer

Once All the above checks are passed, now you can initiate the Transfer functionality.
  1. 1.
    For Native currency on source chain, call depositNative() method. No Approval Required.
  2. 2.
    For Erc20, call depositErc20() method. Approval is required before the deposit
Hyphen pools address are same on all supported networks.

Check Status API

Once a deposit is initiated, keep calling this API at certain interval to get the status of the deposit request. If processed, it will return the exit hash along with status "PROCESSED"

Manual exit API

In some scenarios, somehow the deposit hash is not received by our watch-towers. To mitigate this, we have this manual exit API, which can be triggered after some time, if the Exit transfer transaction is not received. This API should be used in very extreme situation as Hyphen also runs reconciliations scripts that picks up any transactions that were ignored by watch towers for any reason.