Biconomy SDK

Error Codes

Error code responses from Smart Contracts (business logic revert), Backend node and Relayer
  • BSA000: Could not finish initialisation
General gas/ execution related
  • BSA010: Not enough gas to execute Safe transaction
  • BSA011: Could not pay gas costs with ether
  • BSA012: Could not pay gas costs with token
  • BSA013: Transaction failed when gasPrice and targetTxGas was 0
  • BSA021: Invalid contract signature location: inside static part
  • BSA022: Invalid contract signature location: length not present
  • BSA023: Invalid contract signature location: data not complete
  • BSA024: Invalid contract signature provided
  • BSA031: Method can only be called from this contract
  • BSA100: Modules have already been initialised
  • BSA101: Invalid module address provided
  • BSA102: Module has already been added
  • BSA103: Invalid prevModule, module pair provided
  • BSA104: Method can only be called from an enabled module