Biconomy SDK

Initialize Smart Account Instance

Connecting your EOA signer account for multi-chain Smart Account access
Biconomy Smart Account is a Smart Contract Wallet that sits on top of your EOA account. EOA is the controller for this smart account and authorizes transactions with signing.
To create Smart Account, you need to pass EOA and provider.
In this example, we start using Web3AuthContext with the useWeb3AuthContext() method. And we take the address and provider from this context.
You can replace this with your wallet provider object and EOA address.
Web3AuthContext is a React Context to store Social Login values.
Please refer to the demo React app repository which uses contexts for more details on this approach.
import {
} from "@biconomy/core-types";
import { useWeb3AuthContext } from "./contexts/SocialLoginContext";
import SmartAccount from "@biconomy/smart-account";
// Get the EOA and provider from the wallet of your choice.
const { provider, address } = useWeb3AuthContext();
const walletProvider = new ethers.providers.Web3Provider(provider);
// Initialize the Smart Account
let options = {
activeNetworkId: ChainId.GOERLI,
supportedNetworksIds: [ ChainId.GOERLI, ChainId.POLYGON_MAINNET, ChainId.POLYGON_MUMBAI
let smartAccount = new SmartAccount(walletProvider, options);
smartAccount = await smartAccount.init();
The above code connects your EOA signer and spins up a multi-chain instance of the Smart Account
Options that can be provided for Smart Account initialization are below. If you don't provide any of the values it gets merged with the default Biconomy SDK config.
export interface SmartAccountConfig {
activeNetworkId: ChainId // active (default) networkId
supportedNetworksIds: ChainId[] // array of supported networks your Dapp is on
backendUrl: string
relayerUrl: string // if you're running your own relayer provide url here
socketServerUrl: string // specific to biconomy messaging sdk
signType: SignTypeMethod // by default is EIP712_SIGN
networkConfig: NetworkConfig[] // array of chain specific network config
entryPointAddress?: string // optional entry point address
biconomySigningServiceUrl?: string
bundlerUrl?: string // bundlerUrl to fallback to if chain specific is not provided
environment?: Environments // environment PROD/STAGING/DEV
// where NetworkConfig is...
export type NetworkConfig = {
chainId: ChainId
providerUrl?: string // custom RPC url of your choice
bundlerUrl?: string // if you're running your own bundler provide url here
customPaymasterAPI?: IPaymasterAPI // if you need to plug in custom paymaster
dappAPIKey?: string // optional dapp api key. must be added while using Biconomy paymaster dashboard
If you have any questions please post them on the Biconomy SDK Forum