Biconomy SDK

Gasless Transactions

Gasless transactions are supported using Account abstraction Paymasters and Biconomy Paymaster Dashboard for your managed gas tank.
Gasless sponsorships can be managed by passing relevant parameters in the Smart Account custom config. - Dapp API Key
Please sign up to Biconomy Dashboard to create your dApp, get the API key for it, and set up the Gas Tank to sponsor transactions for your users.
NOTE: The dashboard is not live yet and will be launching soon. Meanwhile, to enable Gasless transactions please reach out to us.
Gasless transactions are currently supported on all the major testnets and selected mainnets. If you have problems with using the Dashboard and configuring your dApp and Gas Tank, feel free to get in touch with us for spinning up personal test keys and gas tanks on other test networks.
You only need to either pass dApp API Key or Custom Paymaster Api in the Smart Account Config (options) -> Network Config
Custom Paymaster should implement the IPaymaster interface to getPaymasterAndData for 4337 User Operation.
Here's what configuration initialization looks like to enable gasless transactions through Smart Contract Wallets.
/// only used for creating your custom paymaster
import { IPaymaster, ChainId } from "@biconomy/core-types";
import SmartAccount from "@biconomy/smart-account";
// initialise Smart Account
const { provider, address } = useWeb3AuthContext();
const walletProvider = new ethers.providers.Web3Provider(provider);
// Initialize the Smart Account
export let activeChainId = ChainId.GOERLI;
export const supportedChains = [
let options = {
activeNetworkId: activeChainId,
supportedNetworksIds: supportedChains,
// Network Config.
// Link Paymaster / DappAPIKey for the chains you'd want to support Gasless transactions on
networkConfig: [
chainId: ChainId.GOERLI,
dappAPIKey: '<DAPP_API_KEY>', // if you are using Biconomy Paymaster configured from a Dashboard
// customPaymasterAPI: <IPaymaster Instance of your own Paymaster>
let smartAccount = new SmartAccount(walletProvider, options);
smartAccount = await smartAccount.init();
If you have any questions please post them on the Biconomy SDK Forum