Integrate Mexa SDK
Integrate Mexa on our client side to enable gasless transactions
Mexa can be installed either via npm repository or using standalone javascript file using html <script/> tag

Install Mexa via npm

npm install @biconomy/mexa

Import and Initialize Mexa

import { Biconomy } from "@biconomy/mexa";
const biconomy = new Biconomy(window.ethereum,{apiKey: "q9oEztJM8.e8ed08a7-5b38-48e3-b4c0-f66e6b66f407"});
web3 = new Web3(biconomy);

Initialize DApp after Mexa initialization

biconomy.onEvent(biconomy.READY, () => {
// Initialize your dapp here like getting user accounts etc
await window.ethereum.enable();
contract = new web3.eth.Contract(config.contract.abi, config.contract.address);
}).onEvent(biconomy.ERROR, (error, message) => {
// Handle error while initializing mexa
Congratulations πŸ‘
You have now enabled meta transactions in your DApp. Interact with web3 the way you have been doing it.
Now whenever there is a write transaction action(registered in mexa dashboard also) initiated from the user , Mexa will ask for user’s signature in an EIP-712 format and handle the transaction rather than sending signed transaction directly to blockchain from user’s wallet.
Check out the full code here​
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