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Version: SDK V4 (latest)


The Biconomy dashboard is your gateway to accessing our services such as Paymaster, Bundlers, and allows you to retrieve your API keys for usage with our SDK and API. Additionally, this is where you can top up and configure your Paymasters for sponsoring transactions.


Please note that this documentation refers to our Account Abstraction SDK solution. If you need information about the EOA gasless dashboard please refer to these docs


The Biconomy Dashboard can be found at Several sign in options are available including Email, Github, and Gitlab.

Paymaster Keys

Paymaster keys can be found on the Overview page of the paymasters. You can copy your Paymaster API Key as well as your Paymaster URL as shown below

paymaster keys

Bundler URL

Our Bundler as a service is coming soon but for now you can use the following URL for your bundler package:{chain-id-here}/nJPK7B3ru.dd7f7861-190d-41bd-af80-6877f74b8f44

For a Bundler URL on mainnet, please contact us.

In the following sections, we will more systematically introduce the following concepts:

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