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Version: SDK V4 (latest)


Paymasters are smart contracts that help facilitate transaction sponsorship, allowing third-party-designed mechanisms to pay for transactions. With Biconomy's Paymaster service, you can manage gas fees for your users effortlessly.

Revenue sharing: on a case-by-case basis depending on volumes, we do offer a split of the Paymaster fee revenue with selected Apps. to learn more.

In order to use the it, you must setup the paymaster on the dashboard and obtain the paymasterURL. Biconomy paymaster supports two modes:

Sponsorship Paymaster


Sponsorship mode allows you to pay gas on behalf of the users, by eliminating the need of native tokens to be paid by the users.

Token Paymaster


ERC20 mode allows you to pay for the gas fees of your users in exchange for ERC-20 tokens. Check out the latest supported ERC-20 tokens.

Learn how to utilize either of these Paymasters by checking out our How To Guide on Executing transactions

In the following sections, we will more systematically introduce the following concepts:

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