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Lync - Unity SDK

Introducing the LYNC Account Abstraction SDK – a pioneering no-code solution designed for seamless integration into the gaming world of Web3. Developed in collaboration with Lync, this SDK is your gateway to simplified and efficient gamer onboarding. With the LYNC AA SDK, game developers can now offer players effortless login options through social media accounts, digital wallets, email, and more.

Our SDK is versatile and fully compatible with a wide range of platforms, including PC (MacOS and Windows), Mobile (Android and iOS), and web browsers. This ensures a broad reach, allowing game developers to cater to a diverse audience seamlessly.

The LYNC AA SDK is tailored to enhance the gaming experience, offering a user-friendly interface that connects gamers effortlessly. Whether you're developing a game for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, or a web browser, integrating the LYNC AA SDK is swift and straightforward, aligning perfectly with the dynamic needs of Web3 gaming environments.

Embrace the future of gaming with the LYNC Account Abstraction SDK. Simplify your game’s user experience and open doors to a wider audience in the ever-expanding world of Web3 gaming.


Contact Biconomy's BD/Sales team to integrate with Lync AA SDK.