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Version: SDK V4 (latest)

Enable Fiat On-Ramp

BiconomySDK's Transak library is made for developers who just want on-ramp solutions and don't want to go through with all the steps to integrate the SDK.

It is a typescript wrapper on transak.js SDK which abstracts a few steps for the developers and users.

Steps to Enable Fiat On-Ramp

  • Import the @biconomy/transak package into your project.
import Transak from "@biconomy/transak";
  • Initialize the project without going to any dashboard
// init the widget
const transak = new Transak("STAGING");
  • If you are using Fiat On Ramp then you can directly pass in the email like so:
import Transak from "@biconomy/transak";

// use this info for transak package
const transak = new Transak("STAGING", {
walletAddress: userAddress,
userData: {
firstName: userInfo?.name || "",
email: userInfo?.email || "",
  • On transak.init() Transak widget opens and users can buy on-ramp.

Code Examples


If you have any questions please post them on the Biconomy SDK Forum