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Version: SDK V4 (latest)


This guide soley focuses on the code to integrate the Bundler. To see how this interacts with other packages in the sdk you can view the Smart Accounts Integration page.


First, install the required packages for initializing the Bundler and Smart Account.

npm install @biconomy/bundler @biconomy/account


Simply pass a bundler url as a parameter for the smart account.


Click here to learn more about our dashboard and how to get your own bundler url.

import { createSmartAccountClient } from "@biconomy/account";

const biconomySmartAccountConfig = {
signer: signer,
bundlerUrl: "", // <-- Read about this at
biconomyPaymasterApiKey: "", // <-- Read about at

const biconomySmartAccount = await createSmartAccountClient(

Or you can create your own instance of the Bundler if you wish to pass more params to it like:

  • userOpReceiptIntervals
  • userOpWaitForTxHashIntervals
  • userOpReceiptMaxDurationIntervals
  • userOpWaitForTxHashMaxDurationIntervals
import { createSmartAccountClient, createBundler } from "@biconomy/account";

const userOpReceiptMaxDurationIntervals: { [key in number]?: number } = {
[80001]: 60000,

const bundler = await createBundler({
bundlerUrl: "", // <-- Read about this at

const biconomySmartAccount = await createSmartAccountClient({

Once initialized you will be able to pass this Bundler instance to the Smart Account configuration to use in conjunction with our Smart Accounts. See our tutorials for in depth integrations of the Smart Account and Bundler.

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